Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My First November

each moment you blink
my heart skips a beat
never had the sky seems bluer
never had the rainbow so brightly coloured
can oranges be sweeter
can cereal become juicier
breathing you into my lungs

had become a daily necessi
for me to flourish like never before
blooming with the sense of certainty

each moment you smile
another part of myself is revived
never had scornful words seem so meaningless
never had judgmental stares so insignificant
for loosing everything that makes me
is worth for you complete me
love songs now so melodic
all the sonnets now make sense
no sunset can gloom the days
as you promises me all the sunrise

each and every day
each and every day
every waking moment
every single second
every prayer within a smile
every turning within more hopes
cause as cliche as it sounds
you are the missing piece
i've been looking for forever

Thursday, October 9, 2008


green, yellow, red
sudden halt to a moving beat
staring at the debris of my wrecked self
picking up the pieces
as you rain and gutters the remains of a soul
if i step on a pedestal
would you see me clearer
and remember a forgotten memory
that once meant more than nothing
instead of tucked among yesterdays
lying lifeless between torn photos
scorned under your drizzling vague beliefs
a faint smile thats barely visible
clinging to fragile threads of rays
if it takes an eternity
then why can't the beginning be now?