Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Momentarily Forever

I’ve heard of forever,
In a silent whisper flowing down the streams
As promises trickles down the veins of my heart
Surging waves of your dark hair flows in the summer wind
“There will be spring…”
My lips beam along the honey words
That will eventually be blown into the yellow field.

I’ve heard of forever,
In a staggering time of sonnets and melodic love
As I felt your arms caressing my spine
Moonlit pasture witnesses the kiss that sealed our future
“There will be passionate nights…”
My limbs shiver at your naked chin
That will eventually be caressing curves of another.

I’ve heard of forever,
In an enchanting palace of red roses and hopes
As you hold mine tightly in your hands
Sunlight add sparkles to your ever-after eyes
“The will be only happy endings…”
My thoughts dreaming of our own
That will eventually be cast as pages of a long long time ago.

I’ve heard of forever,
In that place where all souls are reunited and remain so
As you glance at me with that one final breath
Words no longer suffice the lingering,
Embracing warmth of us
My heart shall belong to none
None other than the one who promises me forever

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Easiness Doesn't Come Easily

it wasn't easy.
words just don't cut it.
staring at my life falling into pieces,
feeling the numbness that beats at the next stroke.

it wasn't easy.
nobody ever said it was.
shaping the edges of pieces that won't fit,
cutting the string of tears that cease to cure my pain.

it wasn't easy.
as nothing can never start.
lying asleep as the wound expanded,
taking all of everything in and not over-flowing none.

it wasn't easy.
nothing ever was.
knowing that I'll drag my battered self through,
seeing that nothing can ever stop me....

from seeing the sunlight.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Summer Camp in Summerland

Photos i managed to capture before the camera went haywire...