Saturday, April 26, 2008

Tag: the blogoshphere's most unknown bachelor

i ain't no dolphin saver, n i ain't dating milo or ovaltine or neslo, but i sure hell kick @ss!!!

i know i know, i'm always da slowest. so bite me =P

NAME : Derick Tenh Peng Sieng

OCCUPATION : undecided

AGE : 24 (old rite, sad, sobs...)

ZODIAC : a proud aquarius

FAVE HANGOUT : any nice cosy place, mamak, arcade, CINEMAS!!!

TALENT : i dunno... emm... i m talented at having no talents at all watsoever?

Three things you can’t live without?
1. money

2. food, oxygen, water

3. the ones i love n care about

What is the sweetest thing a girl / guy has done for you?
make sure that i feel loved everyday.

What’s one thing you’re glad you’ve outgrown?
the four years i've spend doin TESL!

Your biggest mistake is...
caring too much. because when ur careless with ur feelings, u'll get hurt easily. so its better to care less.

Which actor would play you in a movie about your life?
jonathan rhys meyers!!!! love his piercing eyes.

if you gat to be a celebrity of the opposite sex, who would you wanna be?(bonus question!!!)
Jessica Alba!!! i wanna look good in those bikinis!!!

Why do women / men...
why do women(n men) like dramas so much?

If you were a product, how would your advertising campaign read?
you'll hate urself for loving me.

And to the people I tag:
i-tsin, pn ki, elyn, ashleyyyyyyy, manda, joanna, suet ying. and mel, addy, chris n feon! Pls add the bonus question into ur post =P

P/S: make sure you insert a photo of yourself.

Monday, April 21, 2008

current... and not so current stuff...

(i snap this picture of my close frens who celebrated my 24th birthday with me this year, sweet memories...)
sigh, haven been blogging for so so long, almost forgotten my password dy, heheh...

i was actually reminded to blog by the big boss of the publishing company that i went to for an interview last thursday. i had to meet the boss, who was a kind and grandpa-figure kinda oldman. he started asking me a lot of personal questions, and he even asked me whether i blog, n what do i usually blog about, heheh.... what a nice old man.

anyway, lately i've been somewhat busy and not busy. i mean, my mind is always busy buzzing here and there, reminding me of the things that i have to do, things that i need to do. but my body choose to lie around n do nothing, with the exceptions of goin to da loo and go eat when i realise that i haven eaten a proper meal for more than 18 hours.

i'm a a phase of my life where i have to think about a lot of things. and the most important thing that's obn my mind rite now is whether i shoul shift to Kepong. i've been offered the job that i went 4 d interview last thursday, they want me to be their new editor. they pay is not as much as i wud like it to be, but its not bad. the problem is, its in Kepong, n tats like 30 minutes drive away. if i have a car i wud hav jumped to the opportunity already. but since i dun, i guess i'll jus have to turn down the offer for now.

sigh, i can just cross my fingers and hope that better offers wud cum along.

i want to be like others, i want to be able to take a few months break and not have to worry about money, and take my own sweet time to look for a job. but i can't. see, not everyone has the luxury of supportive parents who will provide everything for them. so here i am, worrying about everything, on my own.

things haven't been very good for me lately. besides worrying about my job prospects, i have to face with a whole lot of family problems. when u have so many things in the closet, u can neevr be sure that ur family won't find out about them one way or another. sigh...... i'm almost at the edge of falling apart....

still, i want to be thankful. i want to be thankful to God for giving me the courage to be who i choose to be, and to live the way i choose to live. even though i'm not sure about whats right and what's wrong(but who can ever be?), i'm still glad that He lead me to find what was meant for me. i pray that God won't forget about me and continue to lead me down the path that i need to go through in order to grow. i just hope that at the end of the road, happiness will be waiting, for me and everyone around me.