Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Love Forgets

Waking up
Toes shivering as fear seeps through the seams
The warmth of yesterday not in my past
Where the coldness invades as my tears freeze
In that one moment that will cease to exist
As I close my eyes and invite time to leave
The harder I remember, the more I forget
The more my heart loves, the emptier tomorrow is
Is this my every day?
Staring at a stranger I love more than myself
Running my fingers across that nameless face
How can I know not who you are
When there’s enough love here to forget the world.

Falling asleep
I pull the covers across my head
Shivering as the warmth of your hand slips away
Muffled whimpers as I tighten my grip
Petrified that you will not remember our love at sunrise
As we fall in love for another day
The harder I try the further you move away
Saying I love you instead of good night
Wish not to return you to the night
Wishing that you’ll remember me tomorrow
How can I let you forget this self that you love
When your love is the only I’ll ever remember.