Saturday, December 29, 2012

Just One at a Time

I live my life one day at a time, 

I walk my path just one step at a time,
I breathe in and out but one breath at a time,
I'm grateful for life one blessing at a time.

I cherish every moment one heartbeat at a time,
I refuse to give in one silver lining at a time,
I reach up for the sky one star at a time,
I believe in fairytales just one page at a time.

I drain and dry my sadness one teardrop at a time,
I piece my poetry together just one tiny word at a time,
I hum and sing my secret anthem just one tune at a time,
I fail and learn from it one mistake at a time.

I hide and heal from it all one bruise at a time,
I close my eyes and forget but one evil glare at a time,
I picked myself back up one stumble at a time, 
I've lost then love even harder one life time at a time.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Love Forgets

Waking up
Toes shivering as fear seeps through the seams
The warmth of yesterday not in my past
Where the coldness invades as my tears freeze
In that one moment that will cease to exist
As I close my eyes and invite time to leave
The harder I remember, the more I forget
The more my heart loves, the emptier tomorrow is
Is this my every day?
Staring at a stranger I love more than myself
Running my fingers across that nameless face
How can I know not who you are
When there’s enough love here to forget the world.

Falling asleep
I pull the covers across my head
Shivering as the warmth of your hand slips away
Muffled whimpers as I tighten my grip
Petrified that you will not remember our love at sunrise
As we fall in love for another day
The harder I try the further you move away
Saying I love you instead of good night
Wish not to return you to the night
Wishing that you’ll remember me tomorrow
How can I let you forget this self that you love
When your love is the only I’ll ever remember.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

My Job

Plunging into sheer darkness
A night that reigns victory
Presented itself unbidden yet brazen
Miles and miles within my eyes
Covered by nothing but black
Pages and pages of ebony word
Accounting for each and every misty fallen
Anyone would have waver at the very thought
Of a night that comes and inhibits their homes for a decade

Absence not felt nor seen
When the eyes gaze upon nothing
But rooms and rooms of solid dusk
Gleaming cold shivering through a century of evil
Fear overcoming every shred of warmth
Marking the end that couldn’t have come sooner
Devoured souls shrieking within dead shells
Let me vanish, evaporate in this glaring eternity
For I cease to exist in your presence


Thursday, July 26, 2012

More Than One Way To Say Goodbye

There’s more than one way to say goodbye
Be it breaking or healing
Either taking along a beating heart
Or leaving a shattered one behind
To nurse its wound
Stitch by stitch, patch by patch
Fixating on a shadow that refuses to follow
A smile that shivers with insecurities
And a love that will just not stay

There’s more than one way to say goodbye
Be it an empty bed in the morning
Either leaving behind that familiar scent
Or giving that one short moment of joy
Just to realize that
Misunderstanding, misinterpretation
Is all that you’ve been lead to believe
A heart that wants to keep believing
Slowly weakens and losing faith

There’s more than one way to say goodbye
There’s more than one way to leave and go
There’s more than one way to loosen your grip
But there’s also many many ways
To not break my heart.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Lets Float

Lie down
Close these eyes
Deep breath in
Deep breath out
Listen to the sound of
Tick... Succumbing to loneliness
Tock... Drowning in silence
Lose the beat in your chest
As it gets louder
and louder
Hammering its way through your skull
Wishing you were elsewhere
Somewhere where ice-cream doesn't melt
eggs never overcooked
and coffee's always warm 
Wishing you're just that light
to be blown off and away
Fluffy seeds of a dandelion
Floating into unknown air
In search of an unknown home

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Remember Not....

I was here,
sat beside you,
at this table, in your car,
inside all these memories.

Smiling, tearing, raising my voice,
how I'm remembered
by no one else but you.
Images formed by nothing but recollections
of fragments that seem surreal,
yet I'll cry when your fist clings on to
nothing but stiff clay.

Will come that day when nothing remains,
leaving no remnants,
just as light, a gentle breeze.
Just as you should forget.
Forget that I was ever here.
And the warmth of my palms,
never rubbed against yours.
Please stop remembering,
If remembering is nothing but harrowing,
I can't bear your tears.
Please not remember.
Please just forget.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Finding lost.

How long must I hold my breath

Before I’m able to find your scent again?

Sitting on a bed of dying bent

Lifeless hays fill my skin

This bag of rusty bones and dusty flesh

Blown over dried seas of reminiscence

Seeking for that only scent

Of my missing soul

How high must I climb these steps

Before I’m able to reach your hands again?

Faltering on a muddy path of sorrow

Dark rain soaks my thin veil

Slipping over and over your footsteps

Calling, hailing, gasping out that spell

That very one word that brings

Pulse to my dying heart

How far must I stare into the sky

Before I’m able to catch a glimpse of your silhouette again?

Floating in a blue painting of a starry night

Swinging from a burning star to another

Clinging onto the sharp edges

Letting pain pierce through my palms

Dripping along that green dark vein

Blood seeping out of my life

How deep must I bury myself in this cold dark earth

Before I’m able to feel your arms around me again?

Lying bare and exposed in this space underground

Wondering if life has ever even existed

Within your tight embrace

As my fingers clutches your bare shoulders

Holding ourselves into each other

With my every breath…

Still I can’t seem to find you

No matter what I do

No matter where I look

No matter how much I cry

Or how long I wait

You just ceased to exist.