Monday, November 14, 2011

For you

Happy birthday
To the only person in my heart
To the only heartbeat that synchronizes with mine

Happy birthday

To my only you

I don't give a shit
if you age prematurely

All your teeth fall off

and you butt sags like two oversized dried-prunes

Because I will remember you

as the first time I set eyes on you

Life might be a PMS-ing bitch most of the time

and people might not be happy about who we are

Material indulgence is still very far out of our reach

Fuck, we can't even toilet train our dog!

But comfort we shall find

knowing that we have each other to complain to
and release frustration on.

And if one day you do inherit Alzheimer or any other crap
and my beautiful flawless face no longer rings a bell
in that soon to be empty brain of yours

Rest assured, I will patiently remind you of it everyday

No, not by hanging tonnes of my self portrait in your room at the nursing home

But to hold on to your hand, tightly

Looking into your vacant eyes,
and tell you again and again how much I mean to you
As we walk through each and every of our remaining years....

Happy birthday

My bestfriend

My soulmate
My love.
I love you.