Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Would you want my heart
If I told you it was broken
Deeply wounded and stiched all over
Void of touch and tender joy?

Would you touch my cheeks
If you can feel my fear
Frozen by drips of dripple tears
Soaked by yearning for another?

Would you hold my hand
If it still carries the warmth of others
Dampened by kisses of yesterday
But now numb weeping in disgust?

Would you see my sorrow
If everyone else is blinded
By the upwardly curved lips
Not seeing the bleeding wounds underneath?

Would you not leave me
If you finally realize that I am flawed
By nothing but human nature
And a desire to love and be loved?


Sarah Sim said...

would you not love me
if you claim to understand
the concealed meaning
beneath the words i've written?

Derick Tenh P.S said...

thanks for the concluding stanza sarah ;)

a t i q a h said...

.. and which part is the less depressing one??

i have Prozacs, want to share?